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My Black Friday Haul

Black Friday was a struggle if there ever was one. I have a small, local bank that literally thinks my card is being stolen every time I’m more than 2 miles from my home. While I’d prefer an overzealous bank to an inattentive one, it was especially annoying on Black Friday, when I had to call my bank 4 times because they kept putting blocks on my card despite me calling in the morning to notify them that I was in North Carolina and shopping 🙄. As trying of a day as it was, it was ultimately a blessing in disguise, as I was able to purchase the one thing I really cared about (my DSLR camera) and cut my shopping (more importantly, spending) early because I was so aggravated with having to call my bank between every purchase. Because I was frustrated and threw in the towel early, I only went to Best Buy, Aldo Accessories and Windsor. Apologies in advance that I was too lazy to go iron my clothes for a blog post.

I got these cozy turbans 50% off at Aldo Accessories, and this thotful bodysuit at Windsor 20% off.

This blanket scarf was 50% off at Aldo Accessories, and this cropped eyelash turtleneck was 20% off at Windsor. Admittedly, the deals at Windsor were nothing phenomenal, but I’m a sucker for that store, and will shop there any time I can find an excuse to.

These 3 dresses were 20% off at Windsor. I purchased the off-shoulder red dress thinking it would be perfect for my job’s Christmas party, and knowing full well I wouldn’t be able to attend because I have a test that day 🙃. The deep green velvet dress will likely be my New Year’s Eve dress, but who knows if I’ll be able to restrain myself from buying something flashier between now and then.

Both the bodysuit and dress were 20% off at Windsor. As you can tell, I’m very into velvet.

I have a ridiculous choker collection, and I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t increase my abundance of things I don’t need. The Aldo chokers were buy one get one free and the choker on the top was 20% off at Windsor.

My first, most anticipated and most important purchase of the day was my mirrorless Sony alpha 6000 DSLR camera. I’m absolutely obsessed. I think when all was said and done I saved somewhere between $400 and $500 on this bad boy. I’m still debating purchasing a tripod and drone before Cyber Monday is over, but I’m trying to control myself.

These shirts were 20% off at Brave New Look, but I know that by the time they ship and are delivered, no one will be thinking about Black Friday or Cyber Monday any more. How was your Black Friday experience?



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  • you either die a hero or live long enough to wear chokers and give yourself slight wedgies for pics
  • “All of us have bad luck and good luck. The man who persists through the bad luck, who keeps right on going, is the man who is there when the good luck comes, and is ready to receive it.” — Robert Collier
  • “You’ll never get a job because of your blog” - a Bitch that was cold while I was horseback riding on the beach
  • Carbs don’t count if they’re not in English...duh
  • Say what you will about my president but if his majesty starts posting thirst traps the kardashians are over 😫🍑🎂💯👀
  • “Wow it sucks that your job only took you to Punta Cana for a weekend”

The same people wondering why they’re so miserable are the same ones trying to find something negative to say about a free vacation lol. Good things happen to those who are grateful
  • Not gonna lie, both of these pictures bother me a lot and I was tempted to edit and had a lowkey nervous breakdown looking at them and I’m not saying that for disingenuous sympathy “ur perf” comments but bc it’s real and I caught myself and even though we all are projecting curated versions of our lives on here to an extent we can at least make a choice to what degree we participate in fake toxic 🐃💩. Also while some people might not understand why these pictures are so upsetting to me, when you know what your body is capable of and how far below that standard you are I believe it’s completely normal and healthy to be disappointed in yourself and want to do better. But if you’re going to edit your body in pics it should be with diet and exercise not Facetune and filters. So hopefully posting bikini pics will suck less in the summer lol
  • 11/10 would return
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